Travel with Pets

If you are traveling with pets on one of our FRS ferries, there is very important information you should keep in mind. Of course pets are allowed, but there are some measures that must be taken:

Notice of at least four hours

Passengers must notify the company at least 4 hours in advance that they will be taking pets aboard.

Boarding with car

If passengers are boarding the ferry on vehicles, pets must remain inside the vehicle at all times during the crossing.


• Pedestrian passengers may carry their pets in containers that can be closed, are solidly built, and can be fastened down on the ferry. Pets must remain outside the passenger cabin during the trip.

Animal welfare

Pet owners are responsible for their pet’s food/ water, as well as its general well-being.

Legal requirements

It is the responsibility of passengers traveling with pets to show all necessary documents and take measures, including when quarantine is necessary, to meet all legal requirements.

Exception for registered guide dogs

There is an exception for registered guide dogs, but certain measures should be taken:

They must be muzzled while aboard.

They must remain with their owner on a short leash

Crossings are short, so don’t be concerned about your pet if it spends the crossing in the vehicle area. It will be perfectly fine.


If the above is not complied with, this will lead to the company refusing to carry the pet in question on board. FRS may take legal action if the owner does not comply with this procedure during the trip.


Requirements for entry of pets into the Euopean Union

This video explains you all requirements of the EU to travel with pets.