Tarifa - Tangier ville

The Tarifa - Tangier Ville ferry line connects Spain and Morocco in less than one hour, making this the shortest route in the Strait of Gibraltar.

The shortest route

You can be in Morocco or in Spain in less than one hour

Departure point for Morocco tours

Our Morocco excursions and getaways begin at the Port of Tarifa

On board cafeteria

We have a large selection of products and menus at good prices.

Fast Ferry

This route is covered by our Tarifa Jet and Algeciras Jet fast vessels.

Duty Free Shop

We have the best prices on the Strait. Start shopping on board!

Free transfer bus

We offer a free bus transfer between the Ports of Tarifa and Algeciras



Tarifa - Tangier Ville

Book and guarantee your place


Up to 12 daily departures throughout the year!

Check our timetables section to see the availability of our ferry service.

Points of Sale

We have more than 30 Points of Sale between Spain and Morocco

Check our points of Sale Points section.

Are you travelling with a motor home?

Tarifa-Tangier Ville is one of the favourite lines of those who travel with a motor home. If you plan to do this, we recommend you get in touch with our Camper Van department. We can offer customised attention and special rates.



Morocco tours from Tarifa

Morocco is a country of contrasts and its main attractions are its culture, its heritage, its markets and its food. And, of course, its superb beaches and the Sahara desert!

For ten years, FRS has been organising day trips and short breaks to North Morocco.

Day trips allow tourists visiting South Andalusia to take a look at Morocco in a simple, easy and cheap way.

We have five different day trips, with Cultural Tangier Day Trip being our most-requested, star day trip.

FRS has a dedicated Morocco Tour Department that deals exclusively with the organisation of tourist packages. If you would like to see North Morocco using one of our short breaks or day trips, please contact us. We’ll give you customised advice

Tangier Cultural 1 day

Our fast Ferries

The Tarifa-Tangier is operated by two fast ferries, HSC Tarifa Jet, with capacity for 777 passengers and 175 vehicles; and HSC Algeciras Jet, with capacity for 428 passengers and up to 50 cars.

Both vessels have a Duty Free Shop and a cafeteria on board.

HSC Tarifa Jet

HSC Algeciras Jet