FRS Freight started out in 2010 on the Algeciras - Tangier Med route. After extending its activity to other lines in the Strait, in 2014, the 3 cargo ships were joined by the new Kattegat, sister ship of the well-known Tangier Express. This has further strengthened the presence and reference of the shipping company in Spain and Morocco.

The routes currently operated by FRS Cargo are:

-      Algeciras- Ceuta- Algeciras 7 Departures a day from each Port

-      Algeciras- Tangier MED- Algeciras Up to 10 Departures a day from each Port

-      Motril- Tangier MED – Motril 1 Departure a day from each Port

What distinguishes FRS from other shipping companies regarding freight transport?

Quality, service and high commitment to our customers.

In addition FRS cooperates and works with all public and private institutions to contribute to excellence and the development of maritime transport nationally and internationally.


What is the FRS protocol in security and verification of goods to be transported?

FRS Iberia is fully regulated by national authorities through European standards that require a high level of security from companies which operate in the maritime transport sector in Spain. All resources that form part of the fleet are subject to periodic inspections by the port authority in the destinations where it currently works.

To ensure safety and quality in all our services, FRS Iberia and FRS Maroc have 24h staff presence at Ports. In addition, all routes operated by FRS have high security scanners.



Freight Cargo Division Contact

Fernando Santamaría





Condiciones Generales de Contratación

These are the General Conditions for Freight.

General Conditions FRS IBERIA, S.L.U.

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What is FRS policy regarding security and inspection of goods to be transported?

FRS Iberia is completely regulated by national authorities in accordance with European standards, which demand companies operating within the maritime transport sector in Spain to maintain high levels of security. Our entire fleet is subject to regular inspections which are carried out by the port authorities in their current working locations.

In order to guarantee the safety and quality of all our services, FRS Iberia and FRS Maroc maintain a 24h staff presence at the port.  High security scanners are also in operation on all routes operated by FRS. 

What is the maximum my vehicle can measure and weigh?
  • Maximum length: 45 metres
  • Maximum width: 5 metres
  • Maximum weight:  13 tonnes per axle
  • Maximum height:  4.90 metres
How are reservations managed?

All reservations are handled through FRS's Cargo Departments under the preconditions detailed below:

Should you not have an account open with FRS, through your Shipper/Forwarder, customs broker or O.E.A. All of whom are clients of FRS, who carry out the corresponding customs formalities and reserve space or booking with our Cargo Departments.These, would likewise be responsible for making payment to FRS.

Should you require a direct booking which would be carried out through a direct connection with our Cargo Departments, it is necessary to have opened an account beforehand, processing and managing this is carried out directly through Javier Álvarez and Fernando Santamaría. We would proceed to register the new Client in the conditions required in this process. In that case the bookings would be driven by the new Client registering with our corresponding Cargo Departments assuming payment of the sea freight to FRS, with the Client handling any customs duties separately with the Shipper/Forwarder, customs broker or O.E.A..

On this last point, the new Client would be advised by Fernando Santamaría as to the best and most advantageous management approaches regarding customs duties.

What makes FRS different from other shipping companies with regard to the transport of goods?

The quality, service, and high levels of commitment to our clients.  

FRS also works in cooperation with all public and private institutions in order to contribute to both domestic and international excellence and development of maritime transport.

On which lines can I ship with the cargo?

If you want to take a trip with the cargo this can be done on the Algeciras - Ceuta - Algeciras, the Algeciras - Tangiers MED - Algeciras and Motril - Tanger MED lines.