FRS 1clic

Book and sail

With FRS 1clic you can book your ferry in less than a minute, just with your mobile number, and pay later.
It’s as easy as picking your journey date and destination, entering your mobile phone number and confirming your booking.
You can pay your booking until the same day of your journey at the Port’s box offices, FRS’s Points of Sale in Spain and Morocco or at our Call Centre (+34 956 68 18 30 // +212 539 94 26 12).

We are different because:

Book your ferry in less than a minute

The booking process is so simple and short that in less than a minute your booking will be ready and on your mobile. 



Pay later

We offer you two ways of booking

1. “Book now, pay later”:

You can pay for your booking later, at the box office, Point of Sale or Call Centre.

2. “Pay and finish your booking all in one”, with your Spanish or Moroccan credit card. 



With just your mobile number

You need not enter the passengers’ data yet, just entering your mobile phone number you can book your tickets



Book in Euros or Dirhams

You can choose the currency you want to use for your booking